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As much as we love a contoured face, it can be rather time consuming.

It takes both practice and patience. Kim K taught us well, but we still have a ways to go. It's summertime and a face full of makeup may be pretty, but it's not always good for our skin. There's a new trend brewing and it may just be the solution we've all been looking for.
Allow me to introduce to you a technique called strobing. Similar to contouring, strobing focuses on structuring your face while giving it glow. You don't have to worry about heavy products -- especially during the summer, all you need is an illuminator and you're set. Sounds fairly easy? Well it is and you will look amazing without the cakey-ness of your makeup piled onto your face.

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Will you jump on the strobing bandwagon or stick to your contouring?

Just in case strobing will be your new thing, here are some amazing illuminators you should invest in -- here.
Love this look. I will never forget the woman I bumped into at a coffee shop with her boyfriend/husband. She must have been mid-to-late 20s and her skin was glowing! I've seen beautiful skin, but hers was REMARKABLE. Stunning, actually. I approached her, which I don't normally do (!!!!) but this time it was necessary. She was surprised. But the guy she was with got this enormous grin on his face and said, "You just made her day." And I want to make a point: she wasn't wearing makeup (that I could tell). Makeup doesn't "make someone beautiful." Just like clothing doesn't "make someone beautiful." Makeup is like fashion--it provides the "extras" that we just weren't born with. For example, no woman in this world was born wearing Elie Saab. If that ever happens, then I will ball my eyes out for joy.
Ooo! This looks so exciting! I really want to try it! But I'm worried... will it make my face look shiny and oily? I feel like we've all been so down about face shine and wanting to have that "matte" look for so long that this is gonna take some adjusting for me. Lol. @jordanhamilton What do you think??
@allischaaff I say give it a try!!! I think it will look good. but I def get what you're saying about oily skin. I hate that so much. it happens to me a lot. @marshalledgar I definitely agree, makeup enhances a person beauty it doesnt have the ability of making someone beautiful!!! I love your example by the way lol and I wish I had flawless skin. that's a dream of mine.