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The sun rises on a small Texas town. It's a quiet place, not much excitement to be found. The citizenry a humble, gentle folk, always ready to help their neighbor. The sheriff and his deputy enjoy their positions immensely, the worst they get are drunks from the local saloon. They just let them sleep it off, don't even bother locking the cage. Speaking of the deputy, he waits impatiently for his boss to arrive. He gets along well enough but ever since the sheriff came to town and took over the position, he just gets frustrated with him. But today he has important news. News that could spell trouble. "Mornin Jack," "Mornin Sheriff, got some news just come over the graph." "Let me finish wakin up first if ya don't mind." He took a swig out of his tin cup, then set it on his desk as he sat down. He enjoyed being sheriff and that meant he was the boss. "Ok what's up?" "Well, Sheriff, I just got a message that the cousins of the Oklahoma Kid, aka Brad Pitt, have been spotted headingReally?way. Rumor has it they're looking for you" The sheriff spat his mouthful of liquid breakfast all over the deputy. "Tequila, really," asked Jack. "What? I don't like coffee" "As I was saying..." He wiped the sheriffs tequila off his face and continued, "his French cousin Monét and his Mexican cousin Viper Venenosa want to avenge his death." " I didn't kill him! I just shot him in the ass!" "No, you fell on your drunk ass and accidentally fired off a round that ricocheted off the blacksmiths anvil and lodged itself in Pitts left butt cheek." "Tomayto tomahto. And what the hell kind of names are those?" "I don't know, Sheriff, I ain't their daddy. Besides what the hell kind of name is Buddy?" "Its...wait, how'd he die from an ass wound?" "Gangrene." "Gangrene? Really?" " Dude, come on, the doc works on horses. He's not even a doctor." "What else ya got, Jack?" "Well that's it mostly. I think we should get ready" "I'm gonna need more tequila" "Really Sheriff? Really? Who you want in the posse?" "We need the best. @danidee, @shannonl5, @VinMcCarthy, @jeff4122, @nicolejb, @jlee37, @TerrecaRiley, and @allischaaff." "Them? Shit just got real..."
Also BUDDY IS A GOOD NAME. Shut up, Deputy.
@danidee in the next part I'll make you a badass gunfighter with a zarape :)
this is super cool! I love the way you incorporate the users into the narrative you've built. It makes the story take on a kind of metafictional level. awesome! I think I'm gonna have to write up a part for myself to play in it sometime soon!
Omg. I've always wanted to have my own posse. I hope we're the kind of posses that gets zarapes and guns.
hahahahah this is great! had me smiling the whole time. looking forward to more!
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