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It's no secret that Carrie Bradshaw dated. A lot. And there's not a problem with that, in fact, I should thank her for all the advice that came from it. But over the years, she dated some real weirdos (remember the guy who showed up naked outside her apartment?!) and only a couple of winners. I made a list ranking her boyfriends from worst to best, only including the more serious ones because to be honest, a list of every guy she dated would go on forever.

5. Alexandr Patrovsky

Boooooooooo, I hated him!! I'm not totally sure what Carrie saw in this guy. He had tons of money, but Carrie was never particularly shallow. He was creepy, possessive and never seemed to really appreciate Carrie. I've never been prouder of Carrie than when she immediately leaves after he slaps her in a French hotel room. Bye Alex, hope you have fun being alone for the rest of your life!!

4. Bill Kelley (The Politician)

Okay, this one ended a little weird, but I actually like Bill for the most part. He was super infatuated with Carrie even when she wore that horrible fur coat. But at the end of the day, he was a politician (with a pee fetish) and dumped Carrie for his reputation, which is super uncool! Hope he eventually became President with a capital pee.

3. Jack Berger

Mmmmm, I always thought he was so handsome! Berger was definitely a good match for Carrie. He was thoughtful and a writer, so he could keep up with all those insane questions she asked. But he ruined it. WITH A POST-IT. Seriously, being dumped on a post-it would scar anyone, no wonder Carrie talked about it for the next five episodes.

2. Aidan Shaw

If this were a list of SATC boyfriends that I want to date, Aidan would totally be number one. He was loyal and loving, giving Carrie pretty much everything even though she never reciprocated. But, for Carrie, he was all wrong. A country boy dating a city girl would never have worked out, despite Aidan's amazingness. So sad, but Aidan, if you're out there, I'd totally go camping with you.

1. Mr. Big

I know, I know, he puts her through hell for six seasons. A classic case of a guy not knowing what he's got 'til it's gone, but at the end of it all he figures it out and gets the girl. I'm soooo glad he does because they're perfect for each other. Both independent, social and a little snarky. Plus, he appreciates her shoe collection more than any of her other boyfriends, and we all know that's the most important quality in a man ;)
@Gavriella yeah she definitely had her bad moments, but i didn't even include some of the most terrible guys she dated....remember when she dated that 20 year old who still lived with his parents..she def made some odd choices
I hate Alexandr Patrovsky! He was seriously the worst... sometimes she was too, to be fair.
hahaha no, I ended it with a phone call! He deserved it lol
UGH BERGER I had a boyfriend like that. hahaha
oh no @TessStevens I hope it didn't end with a post-it, that could be tough!!