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There's still over a month left of summer, and that means more days of fun-in-the-sun activities, whether you want them or not. Amusement parks are one of the best things to do in the summer, but whether you care about fashion or not, what you wear will determine how comfortable, happy, and safe (no maxi dresses on roller coasters!) you'll be.
Do wear... a long(er) romper.
A romper in a breezy and soft material will keep you cool and comfy, and unlike a sundress, won't threaten to fly up with sudden movements. I would opt for something long (mid-thigh) and loose, as opposed to a super-short, super-tight fit, to cover the tops of your thighs on those hot metal seats. Think a longer and swingy style that almost looks like a dress.
Don't wear... a strappy cami.
A low-key spaghetti strap top might seem comfy enough on a hot day, but not only will you likely get sunburns on your chest, shoulders, and back, but you also will risk the discomfort of a hot metal seat burning your back each time you sit down on a ride. If you want to wear less, opt for a looser sleeveless top that covers most of your shoulders.
Do wear... loose and lightweight pants.
Festival pants, or just comfy and cool cotton or linen pants will be a great option, so long as they're lightweight enough for summer. They'll protect you from uncomfortable seats on rides, as well as from sunburns, and will be all-around easy and comfortable with a simple tee or tank tucked in.
If you'll be going on water rides... don't wear denim.
Jean shorts might seem like an obvious choice, but they aren't the most comfortable for amusement parks as they tend to ride up and chafe, depending on how you're fastened into your seat. When you add water rides into the equation, they're all around a bad choice, because once they get soaked, denim takes much longer to dry.
Do wear... comfortable walking shoes.
No one's going to wear heels or wedges to an amusement park anyway, but shoes that are comfortable enough to walk all over and stand still waiting for lines in are a must. If you have good walking sandals that support your feet, that's ideal, but if not, just go for skater flats or converse to keep comfortable. You'll end up walking more than you'd imagine, and good shoes will make this possible.
Don't wear... your favorite purse.
Between being crammed in the rides, being dropped on the ground next to melted ice cream and spilled soda, and dealing with for water rides, a nice purse will just be a hassle at an amusement park. A small backpack or small crossbody that isn't the nicest leather will be better, carrying the neccesities (don't forget sunscreen and a rain jacket!) but nothing more.
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I love the flowy linen shorts for all summer activities, totally wearable and stylish! Great card