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When I was living in Fort Collins, CO, my favorite part of my town was the bike-able paths. I would hop on my bike and feel comfortable and safe going anywhere. Even on busy city roads, there was always a bike lanes, and drivers that were polite enough to give me the legal amount of space on the road.
The other favorite part of Fort Collins was the coffee shops. And Colorado had an abundance.
But my favorite coffee shop of all time? A Bike Cafe.
I was the perfect combo of bike culture and coffee culture. The hipster in me in forever satisfied in this places.
And it seems that the trend hasn’t stopped yet. More and more bike cafes have been opening up all over the world.
A lot of these cafes let you wheel your bike right on in. Some of them have shops in the back to help fix your bike.
Others have programs set up for biking groups. So there is community in coffee, but also on the trail.
I think this is a wheely cool trend, and I’m excited to see more bike cafes across the country!
Hahaha I hadn't thought of that @ChazHyland! I imagine coffee protein smoothies or something would be the best for the trail.
its ok in small amounts before and during for quick pick me ups.....but not a lot cause it does make you have to pee haha
nothing goes tofether better than coffee and cycling!
i just wish we i had one of these little cafés near me :-(
yea those would be perfect!!!
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