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the man we all know and love.... has a sercet dark side, and his ex girlfriend just came out and sued him with heartbreaking texts that he sent her.... 1) She explained that Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer was trying to deny all three allegations. 2) These three allegations brought to the court by ex-girlfriend A are pregnancy, beating, and miscarriage. 3) She explained that her pregnancy can’t be denied since Kim Hyun Joong himself has admitted knowledge of the pregnancy through text messages. 4) She also revealed a series of text messages (at the time of her first pregnancy in May) with a friend of hers, sending pictures of the pregnancy tests and discussing the situation. 5) A also stated that Kim Hyun Joong has already admitted to the beatings in December and made her sign a paper relieving him of his charges before she got back together with him. 6) With the alleged miscarriage, she explains that it happened when she found Kim Hyun Joong naked at his home with an actress identified as C. She states that she was beaten severely in front of the other actress and then had a miscarriage soon after. 7) She plans to subpoena actress C to in order for her to testify as a witness, but many netizens are doubting whether actress C would actually come to court to stand as a witness. 8) Miss A, however, admits that this all happened due to her fault of loving Kim Hyun Joong, getting pregnant, getting beaten, and even getting back together with him. But she claims she just wants to get the truth out there before she seeks forgiveness for her faults. 9) Through text messages, Kim Hyun Joong is seen begging for Miss A to only sue him for assault and not mention of any other allegations such as pregnancy and miscarriage through beatings.
Kim Hyun Joong: “How did I get stuck with a pig like you who gets pregnant so easily –“ Kim Hyun Joong: “Really you are pregnant freak” Kim Hyun Joong: “You really can’t be sterile, you can’t” other texts are > here <
Miss Choi:  “I… really have a big pain in my heart.. I even had thoughts of killing my self. I carried your child multiple times.. and during my last abortion.. When I was going through it… You were sleeping with other women and showed the other side of you… You weren’t even human. And you say, this is the chance to get back together etc.. I’m sick of it and tired of it. You claimed you were going to your family meeting and went to ___’s house. Honestly, I couldn’t even go home for days. I was at my friend’s house because it was empty. I knew it would be even bigger when I go home. I couldn’t go give my key because I was so sick and my mom said lets go to the gynecologist  for check-ups but I couldn’t tell her I already got an abortion. And I’m going to sue you. You beating me restlessly.. I just wanted a sincere apology but you’re doing this still.. After I sue you, we are both going to be a mess.”
I used to loooove oppa sooo much, but i just cant with him.... he is not the man i thought he was :(((
i just hope his ex girlfriend is ok....
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yeah, and plus I also heard that for some strange reason she couldn't bring proof that she was pregnant. Ms. Choi's story underdeveloped and I think that's why KHJ's lawyers are sitting back and letting her go at it, their waiting for her to falter, and she will. there's only so much lies she can tell before it gets hard for her to even remember all her lies. If indeed this were all a lie, I feel bad for KHJ, she basically ruined his whole career hence why I think he enlisted in the military to get away from the public eyes. Ugh, this whole KHJ topic sucks so much, he was the one who got me into Kpop .___. #ForeverFaithfultoKHJ ^^ @AngelJoong86
I wouldn't be so quick to judge him. I work with abused women and her text msgs doesn't show the meekness that most abused women show. I'm not sure they are really his texts. following all of the documentation that has been provided I wouldn't be surprised to find out she set this whole thing up for money. Another thing for as long as their relationship lasted why did she wait till he was forced to join the military and could no longer put it off before throwing this all at him. her timing her suspect for me. sadly there are people like that. so before we go judging what is going on im going to wait. wait and see what happens. wait because this mans career and his self worth is being trashed enough by this woman. #KHJfighting
i am also in a lost here i am just waiting for the court decision who is telling a lie thats the best we can do
everyone here is my card with eng tans of KHJ Attny Lee Jae Man interviews http://www.vingle.net/posts/975665?shsrc=v
I don't see it. Text messages are easily faked and not to mention how many times she's changed her story from forced abortion, miscarriage and right now she even has the baby tch