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Over the past year, Migos have worked relentlessly to close the gap between Classical and Trap-Rap music. Looking to display the unique blend of the two genres, Migos linked with a symphony to create a new version of “Handsome & Wealthy.”

The results were one word: Unforgettable.

Upon viewing the video, I was shocked at the passion Migos released while performing the songs with the orchestra. The ATLiens announced that the performance isn’t a random wisp of creativity, as the trio will be releasing an EP of classically arranged Migos songs called Trap Symphony on July 31st.

Can you imagine Fetty Wap doing this with "Trap Queen?" It would be an instant classic.

If only they would bring me to lead the orchestra for that one...
@alywoah yeah I liked this a lot too. It's awesome to see artists experiment with their sound. I don't like when ppl box an artist in to a certain space. Makes me think of that time T-Pain showed everyone what he sounds like without autotune, you catch that video?
Omg YESSSSS!!!I Love this so much. I love trap music and it when it has a classical fusion. SO MUCH YES TO THIS I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow this is so cool and creative!! i don't really know that much music so i never end heard of this before but i will be on the lookout for other cool videos like this! I'm actually about to go look up the t-pain video now haha