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Is this what heaven looks like?

WOW! I'm absolutely blown away by how gorgeous Khloé Kardashian's closet looks just for fitness clothes. This isn't even her main closet! The 150 square foot closet was designed by Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design. Some of the many features include : automatic sensor lights, in-cabinetry lighting, a refrigerator stocked with Fiji water, a suede-lined glass display case for accessories (headbands, gloves, sunglasses, wrist bands, etc.), glass divider partitions for duffle bags, backpacks and fanny packs and pullout shelves for shoes.
Caitlyn Jenner even posted a video on Instagram of her own closet captioning, "Giving @khloekardashian a run for her money, dontcha think."
“I'm in love with my fitness closet! It’s my favorite closet. I genuinely show it off to all of my friends when they are over." Khloé said.

"Working with Lisa Adams was seamless and she truly made my fitness obsession a reality in my new home, its very own place," said Khloe.

Fitness shoe collection.

“My favorite part is the shoe area. I keep envisioning my own sneakers being displayed in the way Khloé’s are!” said Khloé's designer.

Duffels. Jackets. Leggings.

Sports bras. Spandex. Gloves. Accessories.

“Khloé loves the glass case display for her accessories," said Khloé's designer.


Water and Weights.

Leisurely wear.

nothing like pictures of celebrity closets to make me want everything in the world
Holy hell that's beautiful! How many pairs of sneakers does a girl need? hahaha
This is insane!