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Facebook release their quarterly results and they have some important information to share.
So all you tech and social media-lovers listen up!

Here are the top things to know about Facebook and their growth:


Second-quarter earnings came in at 50 cents per share on $4.04 billion in revenue
So Facebook is really making some big bucks. Which is good for them, but I’m sorta getting annoyed with all the ads? Anyone else with me?


Daily average users came in at 968 million. And out of those...and average of each user is engaging online more than 46 minutes-per-day across Facebook, Instagram, and its Messenger app. It seems our Facebook stalking hasn’t stopped...yeah that’s what it is.

Mobile is everything.

Monthly active users (MAUs) of 1.49 billion for June, and out of that many users 1.31 billion MAUs are mobile users.
"The real story here is just the core mobile business on Facebook, that's what's driving the growth—mobile's been just a phenomenal growth driver for us. We didn't have a mobile business three years ago, and that's now three quarters of our ads revenue.” - David Wehner, Facebook's CFO
From the number of people I see in public on their phones, I think that’s a pretty accurate. Just hey, watch where you are walking.
So basically Facebook is killing it still. Keep on doing what you do Facebook. Because it’s working.