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I joined only for the tickets, but I hope to continue to vingle even aftet the contest because this community has felt truly welcoming and emphathetic. I can relate to a lot of posts here and I have fun interacting with everyone. I'm glad my love and passion for Bigbang has brought me to this app and to you lovely people! I joined the second week of july so its my third week here and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I'm happy to have spent most of my summer here XD ofcourse I will be discouraged if I don't win the contest but then there will be my fellow vips to understand my sorrow and desperation. so you know itd be nice to win but I'll be a vingler nonetheless! :)
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hey me to
Can I still count this actually I just read this. This was after the fact isn't it @shjej5835
@kpopandkimchi me too~ :D