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Five years ago, 33 Chilean miners spent 69 days 2,300 feet underground after a cave-in. During this time, practically the whole world watched as the government tried to rescue them. This fall, the whole world will get the chance to watch the drama unfold once again on-screen.
There's one extremely amazing thing and there's one outrageously strange aspect to it. I'll start with the (somewhat) negative point first. For a movie that's based in Chile with most if not all of the characters in the movie being Chilean, I don't understand why the studio made a choice to have all the actors speak in accented English. While I was trying my best to enjoy the trailer, I couldn't help but feel distracted by the spoken dialogue in each scene.
The thing that surprised me the most about this trailer though (or as I previously stated, the "amazing thing") is the intensity of Antonio Banderas' acting. I'm not used to seeing him act this way (if there any movie he's in that I should check out, please let me know) and it really helped add to the emotional weight of the narrative. I found myself a teary-eyed at the end of it and I know that I'll probably be a messy, emotional wreck after I watch the full feature.
The 33 comes out on November 13th, 2015
@paulisaverage watch desperado
well, @painttowrite, the story did take place in Chile, so it wouldn't have been right to portray it happening elsewhere. I do like Antonio Banderas, though.
First of all there was no need to show this happening in chile, it could have been portrayed as happening in any other country. Also Antonio Banderas is a very intense actor, watch any movie of his. I guess he has been added for his star value and I cant see anything wrong with that.
I just hope that the film does a respectful job of balancing the theatrics of the story that lend themselves to the making of the film with the real stories that occurred. I hope it's not overdone, and I fear it may be.
I think anyone with any attachment to Chile will be really frustrated by this movie. @paulisaverage you are absolutely spot on with your criticism of the accented voices. Why? It's so bad on so many levels. It also doesn't make any sense. It's a story that lends itself pretty much perfectly to American cinema, but the trailer looks like it cheapens the incredible story in some pretty predictable ways. "Let's go get ourselves some miners!" ? Come on... no one said that. That's got Hollywood written all over it. I'll wait until it comes out to make a really full judgement but this feels troublesome.
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