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hayyyst.. this is really one hell of a confession.. A really heart moving one. On the episode of SBS' "Cheongdamdong Alice," Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Woo) confesses his love to Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young). Se Kyung quickly rejected his confession, because she felt guilty that she already knew he was the CEO of the company and pretended that she didn't know. Seung Jo didn't know this and continued to pursue her, and she became conflicted on what she should do. Seung Jo rented an art gallery and decorated it to confess his love, but Se Kyung did not show up. Se Kyung said to Seung Jo, "I can't. I'm sorry." Seung Jo found Se Kyung crying near a river and said, "I was trying to confess to you today. I wanted to turn on a movie and recite the famous lines. That doesn't suit me at all. I'm not a prince that is going to save you. I'm just a worthless man that loves you." Se Kyung began to cry even more and returned the contract with Tommy Hong (Kim Ji Suk), that said she is going to give up Seung Jo. She said, "the love that I have is a low one, but I want to protect that love." Their love progressed in this episode and created curiosity of how they will overcome obstacles