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Here are some of my all time favorite guy group dances. I also picked these because in general I love other dances and videos by these groups as well. First is Dope by BTS I love pretty much every BTS video because they always have amazing choreography but I'm choosing to share this one because it's most recent.
Next is Come Back When You Hear This Song by 2pm. I never knew this song existed until recently but I love it. I love the choreography a lot. 2pm always makes great music and videos that are good to watch anytime.
Next is Call Me Baby by EXO. Even though it's not my favorite EXO choreography I like it because it's intense and high energy.
SHINee's Sherlock is my favorite SHINee choreography of all time. This video is what really got me hooked on Kpop in the first place. I love how precise and intricate this choreography and how it fits the mood of the song so well. This dance always leaves me in awe of how talented and hard working SHINee is.
Lastly my favorite guy group choreography is from Got7 with Just Right. I love every Got7 dance but this one stuck to me. I love how there are complicated steps but there's silly parts as well to add a little something special.