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Did you even have that moment that you felt could last a life time. No, scratch that, did you ever have that moment that, if it did last a life time you would still never want it to end?
It's here that I find myself, screaming, slipping and sliding down the dirt road turned mud slide, bare feet skipping in time with the others as we hit every single puddle. We've known each other our whole lives, sometimes even more it feels like, and when the sound of rain shattered our separate roofs it didn't matter none of us had phones to text each other. We knew what to do.
So we ran out into the storm, all of us gathering in the muddy road just long enough to start screaming, and we ran. We sprint through the mud, pushing and kicking up brown until we were covered, ruined clothes clinging to our bodies. Breathless we stare out onto the lake, the surface broken by a hundred millions raindrops shooting towards the earth.
So we ran in, together, in unspoken agreement and emerged with our parents in their cars, shining their lights to illuminate the beach, the water, the rain drops turned to glitter.
And we stayed like that for a lifetime cut short in 10 minutes by lightening and forced showers. But it was in that moment that we were infinite.
Its hard to discover that feeling again. Completely carefree, thoughtless, and high off the energy of the people around you. This happened almost 10 years ago and we all still remember that night. "That night" is what we call it, because we all know that night. The time when everything just worked so perfectly it was almost unreal.
I have been spending my entire life trying to find infinity again. And I swear if I have the choice, I will stay in that moment forever.