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Dear Ms. Amano,

I wanted to take this time out and formally thank you for your contribution to manga. Your work, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is truly one of the finest works of shonen manga to ever grace the page of the Weekly Shonen Jump.
What makes the work so brilliantly captivating has to do a lot with your beautiful art style, as well as your amazing taste for character development. In a highly competitive field, you managed to make Reborn! stand out as a fierce competitor, and in my eyes (and many more besides) Tsunayoshi Sawada rubs shoulders with the like of Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto Uzumaki, and Monkey D. Luffy.
You built an amazing enemble cast of characters, from the hotheaded Gokudera to the bombastic Mukuro Rokudo, to the high-energy Ryohei. With every chapter you only ever increased the interest in the work, adding stakes that graduated to high and higher levels in a gradual way. The pacing was great.
In Tsuna, the leader of this eclectic bunch, you created a hero who wasn't. Not some kind of anti-hero, nor a true noble warrior. You created a grounded, likable kid who is in over his head, but his passion for his friends makes him strong. You emphasized the strength in forming bonds between people.
I know it made me and my own friends a lot closer. We even all got the rings and assigned ourselves to characters in the manga. It made us better friends, that shared interest. For that and so much more I thank you, humbly.
More than that, you knew when to end it. I'm sure you could have cashed in more on continued success with the manga, the anime. Instead, you brought the manga to a natural conclusion. With just 409 chapters, you brought us through several awesome arcs, answering the most important questions.
Naruto pushed it a little far, risking going stale, but also made the right move. Bleach hasn't learned. One Piece is almost to big to stop. The titans of the industry get swollen, and a lot of the charm gets lost as a result. You didn't get to that point. But you did end at a place where you left yourself options.
I was sad to see the manga end, of course. But I'm adult enough to admit all of these things, that it was a necessary evil. I hold out some hope for maybe more one day, but I will not be sad if there isn't. Because there is already so much good in it, so much to go back to as the memories start to fade.

So thank you, Ms. Amano, for an amazing time with your characters, your stories.

With love,
Your fans
ISN'T IT GREAT!! I really love this manga / anime! it's sad that it's isn't that well known to a lot of people but it definitely should be! I literally have drawings of all the babies assassins (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧ I cried when I finished it... that's how good and emotionally attached I got to this piece of work!
@chandnip804 that's awesome! you should consider reading the manga too bnecause the show didn't go all the way to the end of the manga!
I second your post because I also enjoy watching reborn! It's one of the few shows I will definitely watch again.
@VinMcCarthy, I sure will! I haven't seen a show where the anime went as far the manga. Not unless if Bleach or Naruto did!