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Well, caffeine is a drug.

Walter's Coffee Roastery is a Breaking Bad themed coffee shop. What does that mean exactly? It means it's awesome! Beakers instead of mugs, yellow lab coats instead of aprons and chemical symbols on the walls instead of art. Pretty much every Breaking Bad fan's dream.
To see your favorite TV show come to life in a coffee shop, check out the shop's Instagram.
The only downside of this coffee's in Istanbul. How am I going to get there?! Where else am I going to find meth-like blue rock candy for sale at the cash register?!
Here's hoping the owner decides to expand his genius coffee shop worldwide so that all of us Breaking Bad fans can enjoy it...after all, he is the one who brews.
I also read that they have goals to expand stateside, which I hope is true because it'd be HUGE here.
The one who brews! Gah love it
Haha @danidee awesome point, I didn't even think about that. Worth it for sure, this place looks cool.
I really love how well they were able to delicately step around all the copyrights to make this place possible.
Yep @JordanNash see you there! Haha @TessStevens this coffee shop + Breaking Bad thing had so many joke opportunities!
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