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This one was tough because a lot of these characters were part of my youth and so there's a lot to work with but let me see...
For kill I'd chose Nyx. I mean she is a half demon killer who can rock a thong with the best of em. But again its that whole half demon thing. Raven anyone?
For marry I would say Mystique for two reasons...
Boink would be Felicia Harding...'nuff said :)
Well that's a small peak into the dark and twisted moment I call Thursday.
Back to you @shannonl5 :)
@buddyesd it would have been cool if he ever washed the costume T_T
@shannonl5 haha that's sounds like a cool brother
My brother on the other hand was in a hercules costume for an ENTIRE year
@buddyesd cool! That sounds awesome ^_^ my dad still hasn't digitized any of the pictures of me as a kid... they're probably all in a box somewhere. I always had kind of sad costumes at halloween. I was a tooth fairy one year.
@shannonl5 cool lol i might have a very early pic of me cosplaying superman when i was a kid i gotta see if i can find it :)
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