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I hate financial problems and I can't get out of it. Woke up to depression due to a bit financial stress this morning... all sorts, so I had some breakfasts and then turned to the some of the things I love-caffeine, chocolate and rum. :D That and some King of Queens. Living the life! I'm a bit high right now \o/ And happy!!
@danidee "mmmm!mmmmm!mmmmm!mmmudslide!" that used to be the commercial for it. Oh no! I need to stop cause I'm starting to crave that damn expensive thing and I don't have a fridge to make it nice. Cho!kmt
@danidee oh...kool. I thought that was just our thing. They did this to me!! and there you were forgetting what rum and chocolate is like. Isn't it just awesome!!!
@danidee of it is. That reminds me of our Mud Slide drink-it's chocolate and lots of rum... in a bottle. @TessStevens thanks for the encouragement
Rum and chocolate COMBINED? That sounds incredible...
@alywoah thank you
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