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As I'm walking down Broadway making my way back to the office to finish up the remainder of my day, I pass by three words on the pavement that immediately catch my attention. I wait for the hustle and bustle of people to pass by so I have just enough time to snap a quick picture of three words that read: protect yo' heart. To a normal person those three words probably don't mean a thing, but to someone who recently fell way too hard and is dealing with the after effects -- they mean everything.
I continue walking down Broadway and happen to pass the same three words etched into the pavement and I immediately think, "how ironic?" Of all days, I pass this street art and it's literally speaking to me. If you've never had words speak to you -- trust me, it's possible. I continue walking and take a deep breath and realize that although it's a little too late for me to protect my heart in this specific situation, I'll be okay. Everything happens for a reason and it wasn't on accident that I stumbled across this street art -- not once, but twice.
New York is a city full of artists and in many cases, they create pieces that will either immediately speak to a specific audience or to express their feelings. I thank whoever this artist is because we all need to be reminded sometimes to protect our heart in certain cases. The heart is strong, but it's also extremely fragile and we often forget that. We get so caught up in our emotions and feelings for someone else, forgetting all about ourselves.
If I have learned anything in my lifetime: love yourself first and let everything else fall into place. Don't force things and most of all "protect yo' heart". If you're interested in seeing more of this amazing street art, check out the #ProtectYoHeart hashtag on Instagram or keep your eyes open if you're in the NYC area -- they happen to be everywhere as a little reminder for all of us on days like this.
it happens to the best of us. I'm still learning myself. we all fall down, but we also get up :) @TessStevens
This is so important. I'm too reckless with myself, this is a good reminder to always put your wants and needs first!