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From the team that tried to bring us The Interview have another comedy that's coming out this Fall, called The Night Before. And like everything Seth Rogen (and company) are in, this looks like one last ridiculous and stupid romp through New York City on Christmas. That being said, it also looks hilarious (part of me is ((really)) embarrassed to admit this though).
[Also, I've posted the Red Band trailer, so if you're at work or babysitting maybe you should, you know, put some headphones in.]
So, from what I understand after watching the trailer. The Night Before is about three lifelong friends who are used to hanging out once a year but two of them have their lives together and one of them doesn't. Also, I'm pretty sure throughout this movie they'll end up learning a lot about themselves and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character will reveal that he's afraid of losing his friends because he's scared of being alone, I guess, I don't know I haven't seen the movie.
Even though the plot is predictable, I really like the way these movies frame their comedic situations around actual real-life human emotions. Sure, it's really weird to curse into a pregnant woman's belly. And yeah, maybe pouring out 40s at your parents grave is a little, well, ridiculous. But there's something strangely heartwarming about wanting to spend one last night with friends before they all drift away.
The Night Before will be in theaters on November 25th, 2015
Eh. I think that’s totally acceptable @LauraFisher. As long as the guest stars are amazing and awesome
Okay yeah this plot does look a little predictable but I will 100% see it anyway. @nicolejb I saw her!!!! :) usually I judge my appreciation for a movie by how many guest stars are in it, even though that's totally unfair.
Also : heyhey @LauraFisher check out our fav girl in this trailer. I’m kinda freaking out
@nicolejb Which one is your fav girl?! Mindy or Lizzy?
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