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Ever wondered what idols would be like if they were animated movie, cartoon or anime characters?

Well, wonder no longer. Presenting a brand new collection, K-Pop Animated!

This time it's Onew! What would he be like...if he was a Totoro?

He would sleep. A LOT. It is his favorite hobby after all! (Do you see Taemin trying to get his attention?)
He will zone out. Again, A LOT. He's Onew. He would also develop a new obsession for forest animals and insects (because penguins aren't enough).
He would spend a lot of quality time with his crew. And take care of them as well.
He would let his 4D personality shine through time and again. PLEASE DON'T FALL.
He would get startled and confused often. He wouldn't be Onew if he doesn't.
He would smile even when things go wrong. That's the ever so kind and sweet Onew for ya!
He would plant trees and grow them. That's just a Onew Totoro thing to do.
He would continue to be the lovely mama bear that he is to SHINee. Always looking after his friends and other Totoros.
Being the quiet and shy idol that he is, he would spend a lot of alone time pondering mysterious things (like how can fried chicken be so delicious?)
And then there's Key and Taemin running around trying to find chicken for Onew.
Let me know what else you would like to see in this K-Pop Animated collection! ^_^
@VixenViVi Hope you like this! (Tried my best to do a SHINee related one!) :)
I never realized it but Onew does seem like totoro!!! I will now think of onew when i look at my totoro key chain.
LOL soooo cutte :D
"like how can fried chicken be so delicious?" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
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