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It's unfortunate in this day and age that this topic is still being argued about. I thought the days of stoning women and owning a hundred wives were over and yet, somehow in the 21st century a tank top clearly still defines girls as young as 10 as hussies, sluts, or "distractions" as school dress codes like to call it.
We all know which codes I'm talking about. Boys are allowed to wear almost anything as long as their boxers aren't showing to much, yet girls aren't allowed to wear shorts to short, yoga pants, legging, anything showing SHOULDERS (scandalous), or anything that reveals to much cleavage.
Im sorry, I guess that I forgot that the length of my shorts completely effects who I am as a student, and classmate, and a human being. Also I guess I believed that males had more self control then dogs, you know, being able to stop themselves from going brain dead and blindly humping anything when they see even a flash of a girly skin.
Oops, my bad for giving them too much credit.
Thankfully, students (both male and female) are speaking out about these idiotic, sexist dress codes and finally pointing out that what we wear should not be determined by a boys ability to handle it.
Here are some fantastic signs that are calling out the double standard and I love every single one of them.
Honestly, I don't understand when above the knee leg, shoulders, or even the outline of someones ass became soooo scandalous. I mean I get that we are a country founded by puritans but please, everything on a woman's body does not need to be sexualized.
Little Johnny did bad on his Math test because the girl in front if him was wearing a tank top in 90 degree weather. No Mom, little Johnny did bad in Math because he sucks at math and also sucks at cheating. Make boys take responsibility, or else they will grow up believing that a short skirt is consent. And we all know what happens when those misinformed boys see a short skirt.
Girls wear sweaters when its cold, they should be allowed to wear shorts when its hot. Why is it so hard to let women (you know half of the human race) dress weather appropriate? WHY?
Schools have no problem sending girls home or suspending them for their clothing. This means their thighs matter way more then their education. And people say the genders are equal....
The double standard, explained to you by a sexualize 15 year old. Does that gross you out? Because it really should.
This is not an excuse. What girls wear should not matter over their education and drive to better themselves. Stop telling boys that everything they do it right and start teaching them that women of all different clothing styles are too be respected and treated equally.
Side note - Girls who wear to much clothing are also criticized so obviously there is no winning ever. Woooooo.
I totally agree. It's really insulting to assume that men can't control themselves around bare female shoulders, and it's really terrifying that we're basically training them to think that kind of behavior is ok
Why don't these poor girls just start wearing freaking burkas to school?! Might as well, since it's obviously gonna be the next step towards this crap. Or just go back to the old days where girls & women can't attend school at all, work, or even vote? Honestly, leave it towards these dumbasses to knock the women's movement & all of the progress we've made down the bloody toilet.
@shannonl5 exactly! we are actually teaching them that what girls wear can get them in trouble, can define them and should depend on what guys think! its just ughhhhhh
@drea4u I think if there's a dress code violation, sending a student home should be the absolute LAST thing done. Why can't that be an issue that's resolved with a warning, then a detention, then a suspension? It's not like the student is bringing a weapon to school, or threatening other students. This might not be everyone's experience, but clothing was not distracting when I was in school. Our dress code was not very strict and rarely enforced. Students were distracted by lots of things, but honestly we'd all grown up together, there wasn't anything odd about seeing each other. @LizArnone honestly I don't think the issue is even the specific clothing items. I think the issue is the assumption that there is something inherently sexual about the 'female' body, and that the presence of those bodies is causing a distraction. It's essentially telling women that it's their fault when other people respond to them in negative ways, because shame on them for existing in an educational space. I will say, if there really *is* a problem, where a student is so distracted by the presence of another student's body, the student getting distracted should be spoken to. Self-control is an important lesson, why isn't that something we're teaching in school?
@LizArnone I disagree what a boy wears can also be distracting. That's why schools don't allow white undershirts, sagging pants or muscle shirts for boys. I have 2 daughters with another one on the way and maybe as I grow old I grow more conservative because even in my home there is a dress code. Yes, I agree having them sent home is a little much but if they don't want to follow the dress code what should the school do.
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