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On this #ThrowbackThursday I'm going to reminisce about every boy I had a crush on throughout my childhood. All on TV, of course. When these shows aired I was far too shy to speak to an actual boy, so my crushes had to form around fictional characters. Honestly, after making this card I realized I still have crushes on pretty much all these dudes.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Childhood me is swooning right now. Adult me is also swooning. Home Improvement was one of my favorite shows growing up and JTT played a kid right around the same age as me, and I think at the time, that was the only requirement for me to have a crush. Since Home Improvement he has quit acting, stepped out of the spotlight (ugh, why) and focused on academics, recently graduating from Columbia.
Andrew Keegan
Still got it. Every kid knows Andrew Keegan because he was on 7th Heaven, one of the few shows that parents let their kids watch (I always lost the argument about being able to watch Spongebob). Of course every girl loved Andrew Keegan, he played a teenage single dad who made time for his kid and Mary. These days Andrew Keegan is still a heartthrob, acting in a bunch of smaller films and even doing a little theater work.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Seriously, aside from the long hair, he still looks pretty similar to his childhood self. I'm not complaining ;) Every kid's fascination with aliens made 3rd Rock from the Sun an awesome show, even though JGL played a bit of a know-it-all. Unless you live under a rock, you know what JGL has been up to lately. His most recent project is the challenging role of Edward Snowden.

Rider Strong

Shawn Hunter will always have such a special place in my heart. That bad boy, leather jacket thing he had going on in Boy Meets World probably helped define the type of guy I'm attracted to. For me, he's the ultimate heartthrob!! Since BMW, he's done some acting, but has focused more on writing and directing. Whatever he's doing, he still looks good doing it.
@MooshieBay I know right! He still looks good too ;) I miss Shawn Hunter
Rider Strong was always my favorite. Yum
I've heard that JGL is a real jerk. That makes me so sad, because he's my DREEAAAMMM <3333 so cute, so funny, and so charming!!! 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my fave movies. Even if he's not so nice in real life, I'm excited to see him do his thang in Snowden.
Rider Strong is bae. also his name is amazing i always loved him
on no @allischaaff I haven't heard that about him :( that makes me bummed!! I'm excited for Snowden too, I think it should be pretty interesting and I think he's a good choice there.
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