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No, this is not a game of cat and mouse.

If you don't run for enjoyment than you shouldn't be running after some guy -- that goes for myself as well. As women we are so prone to chasing the guy when in all actuality, he should be the one chasing after us. The man is meant to be the pursuer and it seems as if we have the game all mixed up.
We fall fast and get so involved that our feelings get the best of us and begin to run wild -- literally. If he's not chasing after you, don't waste your time chasing after him. Patience is a virtue and if a guy has yet to pursue you -- give him some time. If he doesn't get around to it when you think he should, relax.
Love doesn't happen on your watch. Let things flows, but stop chasing after these men -- that's their job. As women we want a man to pursue us because at the end of the day it makes us feel desired and wanted.
For men, having a woman pursue them can be an easy turn off. So put down your running shoes and let him run miles to get to your heart. You're probably chasing him and don't even know it -- don't fall victim because once you fall it's hard to get up.

Follow These Three Steps:


Be Patient

Love Yourself

If you can do these three things, you won't even notice the amount of time it takes for him to pursue you. Always keep in mind: if it's meant to be -- it will be. You can't force anything in life, not feelings and definitely not love.
If you're looking for something long term (which I hope you are) -- here are five facts that will help your relationship prosper.
I do agree with you on that one, two people putting in the same amount of effort is always a good thing @onesmile
I like it when both people are doing the chasing, haha, makes it way more interesting :) but the relax, be patient, and be you advice is really great advice!!!
I definitely understand where you are coming from @allischaaff. I do agree, as far as gender roles go that both men and woman can take an approach when needed, but I guess I might of misconstrued the bigger picture. as far as pursuing a woman, I think a man should choose his wife and woo the woman, etc. but I do feel like the woman should play her part as well. love takes two people, not just one. but as far as marriage goes and those specific steps, I don't think that's a woman's place. A man is supposed to ask a woman to be his bride to be, etc. maybe I'm getting too deep into it now, but when I said pursue I probably should've clarified to what extent I meant.
Love this card (and love me some @jordanhamilton :) ) – but I heartily disagree with this statement: "The man is meant to be the pursuer." I don't like when men and women are ascribed certain roles in the dating game. I think it varies from relationship to relationship who plays which roles. And as women, it doesn't empower us if we're expected to act like objects just waiting for some man to pick us up. I will argue that there's a difference between pursuing someone and coming on too strong – one of those, nobody wants to do, but the other is fair game (in my opinion) for anyone of any gender.