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I remember December 9, 2004 like it was yesterday. I was home relaxing, soaking in the box scores throughout the NBA for my fantasy basketball league. My eyes glanced over the Spurs-Rockets game for a second. The score was 76-68 with a minute left in the fourth. The Spurs had squeezed the life out of T-Mac and the Rockets.
Upset over a bland box score for Tracy, I hit sportscenter to find solace in a couple highlights. I guess the basketball gods were on my side, because I got to witness the highlight of a lifetime.
T-Mac put on a performance for the ages in the final 35 seconds of the game. The electric wing was unstoppable in transition, as he nailed 3 three pointers to bring the Rockets within two.
Time wasn’t on his side though. With 11 seconds left in the game all the Spurs had to do was get the ball in bounds and run out the clock. It looked like only divine intervention could give Houston a chance to win, and they got it.
Spurs forward Devin Brown slipped on the inbound and the ball came loose. T-Mac scooped the ball up and ran down the floor. With two defenders draped on him, Tracy rose and hit a three to give the Rockets a one point lead.

The arena erupted. I jumped for joy. Jesus wept.

13 points in 35 seconds. The most points scored by one person in less than a minute in the history of the NBA. Just amazing.

Moments like that remind you that anything is possible. Thank you T-Mac.

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"Jesus wept" hahaha nice. I definitely remember watching these highlights on ESPN and every few years since then just to remind myself how dope TMac was.