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A+ for Allen. You go, Allen. (As for the rest of you, you all get Fs.)
@B2STANG88 You have NO IDEA how many times I wanted to erase the other people's names on my group project and just admit to my teacher that I was the only one who worked on it... SMH.
Lol. Omg. Allen bravo
@danidee I'm bad at it too.I shake so hard just thinking about confrontation... that's why I used to talk to the lecturers. oh well, everyone has their ways. At least you were learning and they weren't. They can have that
@danidee so sad. I'm a REAL informer (tattler) and I think everyone should be responsible for their actions. Ppl have put my name on projects I didn't even want to do, even when I told them not to. It's still unfair. One gyal go tell the lecturer seh ME no want to do nothing on the project,after me work me ass off and she knew my stress, made the lecturer cuss me out(she was lectures pet andi wasn't! But Karma...I ended up being sorry for the student. Poor girl
yes man! my name alone! I'm not afraid of your eyes or your words! I was has happy that the lectures was considerate enough to ask if everyone was doing their work because she was grading individuals... I mean, the girl stumbled over every "big"/unfamiliar word! I was proud of myself for going back and fourth between trying to convince this guy to do his part and reporting him to the lecture who told me to leave his name off the assignment-he asked if I really left his name off it and I didn't answer. :D
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