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Kpop Imagine Time!!

@KpopGaby and I decided that we want to do Kpop Imagines. This is actually my first time doing Imagines BTW.
Here's what you need to do:
You can either message me or @KpopGaby or just leave it in the comments.
Give us your username or real name.
Tell us your bias.
Give us time to get some thoughts together.
These Imagines are all going to be requested, and we'll post them on Vingle and tag you in it once we're done.
If you want a taste of the Imagines here are two examples down below...

Example 1: Imagine by xoxoaudra98

Let's say that you're in South Korea, Seoul to be specific. You bumped into someone and fell, he helps you up and say "OMO, I'm so sorry, are you ok? " your stunned because you realized you bumped into Super Junior's Donghae. You didn't say anything but lightly nod, he giggled and asked your name, you said it and then he stares at you, eye-contact for 10 seconds, out of no where he asks " Do you have a boyfriend? ", you said no and he widen his eyes then asks " Wae? You're to pretty to be single" you blush mad hard...he wrote something on a piece a paper and gave it to you, then he smiled and left. You looked at the piece of paper and it's his number, you fangirl mad hard but got a lot of stares and weird looks for that lol. That night you went to your hotel and texted him, hoping that he would text back and surprisingly he did!! You read it with a smile, it said ' I was waiting for your text all day :) '................

Example 2: Imagine by KpopGaby

You had broke up with who's now your ex-boyfriend. It was late night and decided to ride the bus, no one was aboard so you sat on the back of the bus and quietly sobbed since you truly loved him after 3 years in relationship. BTS's car broke down after schedule and decided to ride the bus as it was the closest transportation. As soon as they boarded the same bus as you were in, they stopped in their steps not knowing whether they should wait for another bus or stay. Jin was the first one to make a move when Jungkook stopped him and walked towards you. Noticing tears streaming down your cheeks, he took out a tissue from his pocket and sat next to you. Flustered, you scooted and wiped your tears, Jungkook scooted closer to you and glanced down to see your face. He handed the tissue and take the tissue noticing it's Jungkook, you quickly turn around blushing as your favorite idol is sitting next to you and also slightly embarrassed sine he had to see you in such state. Unknowingly, he took you in his embrace and whispered in your ear, " Please don't cry. A beautiful woman like you should be smiling. " Surprised, you sobbed tears of joy and excitement where Jungkook pulled you away from him and wiped your tears. " Smile for me." You smiled and he smiled back. "There you go, beautiful." The bus stopped and it was time for him to jump off. He grabbed an extra tissue from his pocket and wrote on it. He handed you the note and pecked your cheeks as he smiled for one last time as he boarded off. Curious of what he wrote, you opened the note and read ' I don't know what happened to cause you to be upset but always smile for me. See you soon beautiful. P.S. Here's my number. I want to see your smile more often." You fisted the noted and sighed in excitement.
I honestly think she did better then me lol, but it's my first time, give me a chance.
Ok so, either @KpopGaby or I will do your imagine, leave it in the comments or message us.
@Emealia We'll get to work
Lol OK Great :) Let me get my thoughts together
@KatieWarren and @AmieeH I'll work on yours tomorrow :) it's going to take me the wholeeee day but I don't mind, I'll have it up soon :D
I'm Aimee. . . I have to say Xiumin. He's perf.
My name is Katie and my bias is Mark~
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