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Instant Transmission - Dragon Ball Z

Fewer powers would be more welcome for the lazy man than the power to immediately transport anywhere you needed to be at the drop of a hat. It took Goku signifcant time training to achieve this power, but once he acquired it, he seemed to be able to do it at any time with no real energy expended. That would be a dream.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Naruto

Imagine having the ability to have two of yourself? Or three? OR A HUNDRED? Well, if we were able to perform the Kage no Bunshin Jutsu as seen in Naruto, that would be a cakewalk. Naruto has been seen to create hundreds of copies of himself with which to barrage his enemies with. In fact, it's the first major jutsu we see him perfect. Imagine the possibilities; you can just lounge on the couch with a beer while your copies take care of the household chores. Ah, the good life.

Instant Alchemy - Full Metal Alchemist

Honestly, being able to do alchemy at all would be amazing. The alchemists in FMA have some staggering power when push comes to shove, from the lowliest to the most powerful. The things is, though, most of these alchemists need to draw transmutation circles in order for the alchemy to work. Which is cool ,sure, but I want to have Edward's alchemical abilities. Ed can perform alchemy without the use of a transmutation circle, performing incredible feats on the fly. From creating weapons to turning lead into gold, his power seems nearly boundless. The thing is, though, that I heard the power costs an arm and a leg.
*looks at the options* All of them please.
I'd go for the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, but ONLY for house chores. And going places.
i need that instant transmission in my life
Instant alchemy all the way!!! I feel like more than skills I usually am jelous of the cool tech devices that characters have that totally don't exist lol