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Learn "La Bamba" from Google Translate
Google updated their Google Translate app that translates words in a really cool way. The video posted below, demonstrates how the app works -- translating the song, "La Bamba." This app can translate between 90 languages -- by either voice, camera, keyboard, or handwriting. Oh, and no internet connection is needed.
If you want an example of a great AD, this will be it. I am definitely going to need this app if I plan on traveling very soon. This app is available at both the Google and Apple app stores. So far, it's getting great reviews.
My take on the app so far: I like it. But just like the website, it does have some grammar errors (when I attempted to translate English to Spanish). The app works better if translating single words.
It also translates "Vingle" as "solo" in Spanish and that's kinda weird.
(solo means alone/single)


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