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Today in the News: Planes, Facebook, and Rolling Stone

Today in the News...

1. Facebook is Still Killing it with their numbers. It seems to be mobile-y moving upwards. Tech-nically it’s doing really well in gaining users.
2. Rolling Stone magazine is being sued again. They lost their last case, so this might be another bad sign. But hey, nothing’s set in STONE.
3. Sony’s mobile department is struggling, but their gaming department is doing a lot better. - By @VinMcCarthy So there is a bright side to all of this, Sony days are still to come!
4. It seems we found a piece of the missing Malaysian Airline 370 flight. - by @drwhat
They did a lot of fact checking so I don’t think they are just wing-ing it. That’s just plane crazy!
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It's interesting that Facebook is actually gaining users in a time when I feel like everyone already HAS a Facebook.
That makes a lot of sense @danidee! I didn’t think about that either. Even small mom and pop shops are jumping on the Social Media bandwagon
I did make you laugh again :D @TerrecaRiley
Actually when I wrote that, I hadn't even thought about the different businesses and entrepreneurs that are probably creating Facebook pages to advertise/market. That's probably where FB is getting the bulk of their growth at this point!
That should have been "you done did it again"
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