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#1/2/3: no caption #4: Lets sleep until the food comes out #5: I also laugh when I don't understand #foodstagram #6/7: This seems like a girls instagram hmm Looking good
#1: Promotions for Mrs. Cop are done!! Mon/Tue 10pm don't miss it!!! Sewon is coming out!! #2: Lets get young skin! Haha Lets meet tomorrow with clear skin!!!!! #3: Ahjusshi hahaha are you riding a bus? hahahahahahaha but what in the world is that thing tha you're holding so cutely hahahahahaha this will be the best aegyo of your life #4: #OffWhite #GK #Black #Comeback #Stage
TRANS: Mom- Son, your promotions are even harder now because of the heat right? Dont forget the unchanging love and cheers of your fans. Thank them and Ill pray for you to do your best. Don't forget to thank them. Fighting this album will be large and successful. Caption: Mom's teachings! Thank you and thank you again! awww such a cute mother son relationship
There are so many things to update!!! There's the Mnet countdown performance of Gotta Go To Work and YeY There's Weekly Idol ep 209 They had their starcast stream ahahah so much ㅠㅠ B2ST & B2UTY forever ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히