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Amber and Ailee

- You two are LOUD!!!!!!
- You're constantly pranking each other
- Your talents compliment each other perfectly
- Even though it seems like you never act serious, you really love each other
- You so often hang out at each others' houses you don't know what house is yours anymore

Leo and N

- You save each other in your phones as "best friend forever"
- It's a little love-hate (but mostly love)
- One friend (probably you) is more annoying than the other
- One of you inevitably drags the other into ridiculous situations
- You are strong whenever the other friend is weak, and vice versa

Jaejoong and Yunho

- You aren't friends, you're siblings
- You can practically read each other's minds
- You can't stand to be apart
- You are constantly telling people who great your friend is
- There is no you without the other

Junsu and Eunhyuk

- No distance can get in your way (even with the SM feud, Eunhyuk still goes to all of Junsu's musicals)
- One of you is the evil mastermind, the other is the faithful minion
- You love to pick on each others weaknesses
- You've stuck together through everything (from elementary school to adulthood!)
- When a song comes on you two are the first to get up and dance

Key and Woohyun

- You two are FABULOUS
- You constantly tell each other how good looking the other is
- Your teacher tries to separate you in class but just gives up
- You're each others' biggest fans
- You are the kings and queens of singing in the car

Kai and Taemin

- You're often confused as twins
- You don't even need to speak to have a good time together
- People make fun of how close you guys are
- You are always looking out for each other but never show it
- You're always looking for a way to make fun of the other person

GD and Taeyang

- You've practically been friends since birth
- You're always there if the other needs you
- You guys can get super mushy and emotional about how much you love each other
- You are the perfect team

Seungri and Hara

- You constantly have to prove you aren't dating
- You've been friends for FOREVER (they went to the same dance school in Gwangju!)
- No matter how much time passes, you're always friends
- You feel like you can totally be yourself around them
- They completely relax you


Your squad is too awesome to just pick one BFFF.
@KpopGaby Yay! @DanRodriguez You are NOT disqualified! We shall make a new category...Brand New Pikachu and Totoro! And let's make a BTS ANIME SQUAD in the Anime community! XD
Sad to say that I don't have a bff. I have two otaku friends that I recently met online and chat with over the internet but we're not that close. My childhood friends have lost contact with me sooooo.... yup. I'm disqualified from this
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