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Chloë Sevigny might be known on paper for her acting career and modeling, but in the fashion world, most specifically the New York fashion scene, she is an it girl and a fashion icon. From her work modeling and interning for Sassy Magazine in the 90's to her more recent fashion line for Opening Ceremony, Sevigny is full of fashionable surprises. Her personal style continues to turn heads and make waves today, and we can all gain some style inspiration from her.
Cool in cutoffs.
Sevigny has a no-fuss street style, and often dresses down in denim cutoffs. Whether worn with a pretty blouse or a casual sweater, Sevigny totally rocks this classic style with black boots, toughening up the look a little.
Cool cut-outs.
One way Sevigny adds interest to pretty dresses is with cool cut-outs in unexpected places, showing a flash of midriff or chest with slashes and geometric cut-outs. Cut-outs are super in style right now, and her use of the trend on longer dresses ads some sex appeal.
Button-up Shirtdresses.
While Sevigny loves trying trends, she's also a fan of more classic pieces, shirtdresses among them. With long and short skirts, button-up shirtdresses are a street style go-to, appropriate for so many occasions and easily dressed up or down.
High-necked mini dresses.
Sevigny likes to show a lot of leg and not much else. Her red carpet staple is a cute minidress that bares her legs but keeps her chest covered. From longsleeved seventies styles to tiny shifts, she keeps the neckline at the collarbone or higher, and the hem super short.
Sevigny's style is a tricky one to nail down, but it's a little bit of everything, so you can't really go wrong her way!