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Is it possible to be in a love and hate with a same person? How to get rid of it?
You should watch 10 Things I Hate About You, or Pride and Prejudice :) Those are two movies that deal with the interrelationship of love and hate!! And both are really great movies :) But also I agree with @onesmile – if it's harmful to one or both of you, it isn't meant to be <3
You know what they say: the line between love and hate is very thin. I definitely think it's possible to love someone, but also hate them and it be a totally destructive relationship!! The way I've come to terms with it has always been to understand that even though you love and care about them, the best thing for both of you isn't to be together because of the hate aspect, and remember that while trying to move on!!!!! But that's just my epxerience :)
You can love someone and hate them. You can love someone and not like them. Figuring out why you love them and why you also hate them is the only way to fix the situation.