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I don't know what kind of tickets they are going to be giving away but i kind off started slacking off a week after I joined since I already have tickets to the concert. I stayed because I really like this app. I love being in the Kpop community and I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with you guys. Good luck to whoever wins! I stopped posting for like a week just because I wanted to give somebody else a chance to see BigBang. I can't wait till October! I'm going on 10/10. Who else is going and on what day?
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Okay can someone please tell me. are they in NY or NJ because on different sites it keeps saying one or the other and its driving me insane
they are going to be at New Jersey's prudential center @BlackXShield
@netchtiBates so why does it say ny? arent they performing at kcon or are they two separate events
Any events within the New York tristate area whether in the city or not are marked as events in "New York", unfortunately they aren't coming to kcon would be awesome though lol @BlackXShield
I'll be there!!!