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HOW CUTE IS THIS?! What little girl would not want to play with this?! Even better, this is a two-in-one play toy. Not only is this a cute hair styling station that will bring HOURS of joy, but the entire mannequin head and shoulders are hand-made!

What You Need:

Two 5-liter plastic water bottles
Paint and brushes
Craft Knife
Hot-glue gun (optional)
Electric drill (IKEA has these for like $10)
Using the grooves as a guide, cut the top section off one of the bottles. Cut off the neck of the bottle as well to create a large, 3.1-inch hole.
Now it’s time to take the second bottle and make it shorter. You’ll need to have a top and bottom section, cutting off a section from the middle of the bottle and keeping a short top section. You can leave the bottle uncut, but it might be a bit too long.
Test the cover/top section of the head by pushing it onto the bottom section until it fits tightly.
Paint the inside of the bottles, shoulders, and head. It doesn’t have to be perfect — brush strokes actually look really cool!
Place head onto the shoulders by fitting the bottom of the head bottle into the big hole in the shoulders. Glue them together.
To create the doll’s face, glue the two plastic bottle caps where eyes should be. Cut a 0.7-inch circle from red felt and another felted curve shape for the smiling mouth, then glue.
Mark and make holes around the head. Now comes the fun (and time-consuming) part of the project—filling in the yarn hair!
Cut three strands of yarn in the desired length. Thread a yarn needle, tie a knot at the end of the floss, and pass through the holes starting from the bottom of the head. I’ve filled each hole with 5 or 6 strands of wool.
Note: You can make things easier by using an electric drill or a small soldering iron to making holes larger and use tape for passing 5 strands through at a time.
Once you have the bottom section of the head filled with yarn, start with the top section, working from the border holes to the center.
Note that I’ve marked the front side of the head for bangs/fringe using short yarn. The rest of the holes will be filled with long strands.
TIP: Take the lid off the head and pull in yarn knots from the inside of the doll’s head. Cover the top of the head again.
Now, your little mannequin head is ready for styling galore! Maybe add a crystal rhinestone to the blacks of the eyes to make them sparkle! For more craft ideas like this, click here.
I'm so gonna try this woth my niece she loves arts and crafts
LOL @HairConfetti I know what you mean. Just don't leave it out on the dresser or floor at bedtime. <3
This cute and scary at the same time. Does that even make sense? I don't like dolls but the hairstyling is pretty cool.
@DaniaChicago will do! :)
I hope she loves it @ssantiago0911 Let me know when you make it. :)
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