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Hi! Hola! Annyeong! ~L. here! how are you? how was your day? so who wants to be my friend? hehehe If I had kpop friends that lived close to me, we could totally
watch kdrama together and share our tears and cry over not being able to see our bias(oppas), or go to concerts. we could
fangirl together!
be weird!
try learning/dancing to kpop music. lol and save up money to maybe one day go to Korea and
see a concert or bias and fangirl some more!!! X] share our sadness, happiness and our madness for kpop together!! ha-ha hopefully you enjoyed this and could relate. ~L. M.y.alpha out! until next time!!!
peace! ;]
hola! (:
@nokita Hola! =]
@MYAlpha lets be friends hehe, ttyl since I ve to go to sleep now ><
@nokita yay thank you, okay sleep well XP