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Have you ever seen a cute bag like this?! Ever?! <3 Like, who doesn't have a dish glove and some cord and a sharpie marker?! So cute! Gotta get my cousins to make these before summer is completely over! You can make them too because they're super easy!

Supplies needed:

Printable template (download here)
Dish glove
Needle and thread
Double-sided tape (optional but recommended)
Hot-glue gun (optional but recommended)
Sewing machine (optional but recommended)
To get started, download and print the Dish Glove Elephant Bag Template. Turn the glove inside out and mark the lines using the template.
Sew a line under the middle and ring fingers and then cut the fingers off the glove. Shorten the index finger by cutting and sewing as well.. Cut the cuff off the glove according to the template and then cut out the ear using the excess material.
Fold the border and glue it in place around the glove.
Turn the glove right-side out and place the ear on the glove to find the right position. Fold the top of the ear inside the glove.
Lift the ear up and hand sew it to the front of the glove.
Using scissors, cut one small hole on each side of the bag. Cover the end of the cord with tape to easily pass through the holes. Remove the tape and carefully hand sew the cord.
Draw an eye and a big smile for the elephant’s face. This little elephant bag is ready to go!
How cute and easy is this DIY? Leave your comments and questions below about this or any other tutorial. If you'd like to see a DIY about anything specific, let me know so I can add that to the community! In the meantime, click here for more projects that I've posted. Enjoy your summer! <3 <3 <3