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Gullwing Reverses

Gullwing's new Reverses are pretty cool. I read a sweet review on and if you guys care enough you can go read it too. But what I'm here to ask is what's the difference between positive and negative rake? Standard reverses run with the rake roadside. The Louis Pilloni pro models run the rake boardside. Now I get that you could flip the hanger on either of them to do both but is there a difference? Lower ride height with the rake boardside like the Louis Pilloni pros but do the trucks turn any different than the standards? Or do I just have to buy a pair and try it with the hanger flipped both ways to know
that whole, staying assembled, thing is super important!
good question.
They were fucking magical with the one tall barrel in each as long as they stayed assembled
I think I'll stick to teh standard bushings.
I've been riding mine for about a month now, I would agree pretty much with the way you said it rides flipped vs. unflipped. But I bought them because I read the review on that said they'll fit a tall bushing on each, and I had the nut and washer come off on one truck and I ate shit
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