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This is sensational, the feeling of having you in my presence is an award itself, for I've dealt with the struggles of a working week, making things meet, on the move with each heartbeat, now I can finally be with you and enjoy the reality escape of a weekend, smiling and laughing, asking you questions while learning the life lessons you explain to me, for I don't know the world you live in, yet I'm learning slow how to take control of you and make you yearn for me, baby I've been thinking about you all week, along with the rest of my body, when I touch you, you give me so much comfort with your soft skin, when I make you laugh, you ease my mind with your sweet sounding voice, a voice that is like a narcotic addiction each time I hear it, when I kiss you, I feel nothing but the surge of passionate energy spewing from your lips, when I caress you, I caress myself, the ultimate connection of feeling such a desired soul connected to a beautiful body, when I please you, I love seeing how you enjoy it, the moans and sights of your eyes and lips are the best, seeing you roll your eyes into the back of your head makes me want to go deeper, the sights of you biting your lips intensifies the climax that's sure to come, baby what I want to do is cater to you, stopping time and creating a moment in history that can only exist between us, like the roots to a tree, we created a bond that no man or woman can destroy, for you are the best part of a week that I love looking forward to.
@richs14 dude that was damn good... didnt expect it but definitely agree that ur writing style was awesome. like the fact that u never used a period. it represented well the idea that it was a moment that u didnt want to stop (or at least thats how i took it lol)
That was hahaha but really it wasn't too smutty or anything, it really showed a real passion that I think everyone longs for!!
I LOVE THIS!! You're such a good writer! I really got wrapped up in this piece as I read it. It has almost a musical quality to it. Great work, I can't wait for more! :D
I appreciate it @onesmile. I'm glad you enjoy reading it and commenting how you feel on it. it really helps me get better.
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