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Hello! I am new in this app, but I want to meet new people who has the same intrest like me. To start off I am a Kpop fan. As you can tell my FAVORITE Kpop group is BOYFRIEND!! (Top 5 Boy Group) 1: BOYFRIEND Bias-Donghyun 2: SHINee Bias-Jonghyun 3: BigBang Bias-Undecided 4: EXO Bias-(EXO K)Kai (EXO M)Tao 5: 2PM Bias-Jun.K
As for the ladies I don't hear much.. 1: SISTAR 2: F(x) If you guise have song/band recommendation please comment. (Sorry if I'm picky) I prefer recommendation from boy groups than girl groups, but comment either! Thank you! ❤
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Love the Twins!!!!
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I like Boyfriend ^^ But idk much about them right now. Also love bigbang. Have you heard of GOT7? or Winner? ^^
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have you watched boyfriend's travel log? it's so cute!
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you should check out BTS (Bangtan Boys)
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