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Phase 1...You act all sassy like, Imma take the high road, you can stoop down on the low road. I'm not gonna fall into your negativity...
Phase 2: Really? Are you really gonna say that? I can't even....Be gone from me
Phase 3: Let me bite my tongue and not say anything.... This person isn't worth it at all.
Phase 4: Oh hell naw! Enough's enough!
Phase 5: Imma tell you why this person is so awesome and why you should leave my oppa alone.
...If you ever talk or even think about my oppa, I will mess you up!
No kpopper never wants this....But sometimes, it needs to be done.
Anyways, stay classy and be classy ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Gator never been about that....
I think I live on 5 XD You gonna learn today!