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Turns out, NOT EVERY SOCK gets devoured by the laundry and dryer machines. Now there's a Ghost Laundry Bag that loves to munch on them too! At least you can get them back from a ghost. The machines never give them back. Make this cute Ghost Laundry Bag so you can keep track of and salvage as many socks as you possibly can!!!!

Tools, Materials, and Such:

Printable template (download here)
Clothes hanger
Needle and thread
Washable water-soluble pen
Sewing machine (optional)
Fabric paint
Paint brush
Velcro sew-on tape
Download and print the template. Cut out the template and use the pattern to mark two ears and teeth on the felt, using thicker felt for the teeth. Cut the felt pieces.
In the center of the pillowcase, cut a horizontal line the same length as the felt teeth for the mouth. Hem the cut edge and insert the felt teeth .8 inches deep into the mouth. Pin and sew the teeth to the bottom of the mouth.
Next, cut a strip of Velcro sew-on tape the same length as the mouth. Sew one half of the Velcro tape on the top of the mouth and the other half to the back of the teeth. Make sure the velcro overlaps.
Now you can open and close the mouth of your ghost!
Turn back the pillowcase and place the clothes hanger in the middle of the top. Cut a small hole with your scissors.
Slide the clothes hanger into the opening and pass the hook through the hole. Close the opening of the pillowcase (make sure it is lined up correctly). Pin and sew, leaving the center open.
Following the shape of the clothes hanger, fold over the top corners of both sides. Pin and stitch the corners to the back of the pillowcase using two large cross stitches. For better stitching, place your hand inside the mouth.
Paint the eyes and nose on the front of the pillowcase. If necessary, you can draw these on paper first and then trace through the fabric.
Place the ears wherever you like and stitch. That’s it! Just be sure to feed your spooky little friend a steady supply of dirty clothes, he gets cranky when he’s hungry…
Get the kids to make this as it will give them something fun to do, that will actually serve to hang on to laundry. Very beneficial! For more fun projects that you are going to love, click here!