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Papa YG teases us with footage from BIGBANG's new song 'LETS NOT LOVE' !
Yah you heard me.
Yg posted a video on his instagram of what is suspected footage of BIGBANG's new song 'LETS NOT LOVE' !
All aboard the hype train, cause its over 9000
A link to the ALLKPOP article which features the footage will be given down below:
The video, which features G-DRAGON, shows him looking very sad while he stands in the rain. A eye catching feature of the video is GD's bright orange hair!
Personally this small snippet gives me the feels just from GD's down trodden face. It looks like he's longing for a lost love or something.
As we all know Papa YG knows how to make us feel all of the feels, so might i suggest a box of tissues for this next MV cause its gonna be a tearjerker i can tell.
What are your thoughts on this teaser. Do you think its gonna be all sad and emotional? Tell me your thoughts on the matter.
Hahaha theres a first for everything
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Appa YG stop teasing us V.I.Ps!! 😭😡
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