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So In this video I am going to talk about what it is like for me personally being a k-pop fan in Arkansas. I hope you all enjoy this video I spent a long time trying to figure out the right words to say, and I hope a lot of you can relate to everything I have to say. If you do then comment below!
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@LexTay327 😤😤😤
I live in Texas <.< (Gonna watch it once I get a moment, moving atm)
Ohhhh the struggleeeeee (╥_╥) I feel your pain....I live in Montana and the nearest MALL is a 2 hr drive....and a Kpop store? Out of the question. A Koreatown or Korean market of some kind....not in Montana Lol.
I go to school in Conway so I know the struggle 😭 @KpopJunkiesTV
@Emealia I go to east TX every once in a while. We go to Tyler state park and the Tanger Outlets.
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