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First is A by Rainbow. Even though I'm not a fan of Rainbow I love this song and Sunshine. I picked this one because the dance is very sexy and feminine but still has some strong points that fit the music very well. I can across this song when Key from SHINee danced to it lol.
Next is Every Night by EXID. I love this dance because it has a sensual element to it.
Paradise Lost by Gain is AMAZING. This video proves Gain is the queen of sexy adult concepts. I really enjoy this video.
Crazy by 4minute is THE ULTIMATE GIRL GROUP DANCE lol. I enjoy many 4minute songs but this one is my favorite. Even though it's from a sexy group this dance is straight up fierce and badass. You can turn up to this forever lol.
Finally is I Got a Boy by SNSD. I love this dance because of the cute and sassyness in it. I always try to imitate this dance and fail lol it draws me in every time I watch it.
@KpopKrazed thanks 😙
Great choices!