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So this is more of a cultural thing than anything but I have been trying out a bunch of different foods from our local Korean market and today I tried Bibimbap. It is really good but definitely filling and enough for two! its spicy too. If anyone has suggestions for Korean foods I should try let me know!
I also tried bubbletea for the first time yesterday! it was fantastic!!!
@SharayahTodd Bossam is boiled pork in which you wrap it in nappa cabbage and you usually add kimchi and other things to the wrap such a radish and oyster salad or something similar. It's up to you to be honest!
In our newspaper (I'm one of the rare who still reads the newspaper that is still made out of paper) There was a recipe for Bibimbap.
Bibimbap is so good! I made it not so long ago and ugh I couldn't stop eating. You should try Bossam!!
Lucky there's like no eastern Asian stores around me or even close to try any food and I want to so bad cause they look so good in dramas and in variety shows
@aliciasalinas it sounds super yummy
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