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The latest chapter in the saga of Choi/Ms A vs Kim Hyun Joong was released via several online Kpop magazines both yesterday and today. After the second hearing on July 22nd where her side once again failed to produce any evidence admissible in court for her claims of miscarriage and abuse last year by Hallyu Global Star Kim Hyun Joong, she once again released text messages and claims of witnesses to the press. In this latest batch of texts, remarks that were allegedly made by Kim Hyun Joong last year are so horrific and out of context it has left many questioning the validity of these remarks and wondering why she and her lawyer are appealing to the media once again.
KHJ fans and supporters are reasonably shocked and stung by this latest batch of accusations against him and we are wondering WHY her side cannot just fight this battle in court instead of using trashy media play to get public attention? What the average reader of these English media sites such as Allkpop and KpopStarz may not realize is that not all sides of the story are being given fair time on the pages of these Entertainment sites. The Korean press and TV news are presenting interviews with both legal teams and we have a wonderful translator who is providing English translations of Kim Hyun Joong's side with his Attorney Mr Lee Jae Man. Please read these statements as translated by @sun_sunsky on Twitter. Her abbreviations are necessary due to the quantity of translations she is doing and we are so grateful to her.
Why are these interviews being neglected by Allkpop and others like it is a very good question to ask. Just consider if this was an American Celebrity and all the news you were reading was in Star Magazine or The National Enquirer. They are about headlines and sensationalism, not Truth. They are tabloids plain and simple. They want readers who respond to emotional stories in order to sell. That's it. Nothing more. Ms A/Choi and her lawyer are very sly at creating stories that appeal to emotional outrage and shock. The story has built gradually over the last year and now the latest. If you believe the credibility of tabloid stories then Kim Hyun Joong is a girlfriend beating baby killing inhuman monster. However, if you are more inclined to believe the verdict of a court of law, stay tuned. Next hearing is September 23rd.
All photos and fan art taken from Facebook. Credit to rightful owners.
Please visit our support page Prayers United for Kim Hyun Joong for daily posts to lift your spirits and feed your soul. These are the people Kim Hyun Joong has inspired and attracted to his side. As his fans we hope to give a testimony and witness to the caring loving honest heart we have seen in him. Truth is sometimes very difficult to see. Sometimes you must open your heart before it becomes clear. Visit us here and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
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I think the girl is trying to bring him down. He didn't seem like a person to hit women so I wonder how she pricked him. I also don't think she was pregnant and I hope KHJ wins this battle and gets his career back. Fighting!!<3
But isn't possible she's telling the truth and the law is just protecting kim hyun joong and the only way around that is the media. I mean I don't think she would go through such long trials and so much crap just cause she wants to bring him down. On the other hand some people can be really crazy I can't remember the name of the idol but that one incident where a certain idol broke up with his girlfriend and she tried to kill him. Ms. Choi could be like that and if she is im very sorry for kim hyun joong but what if she is telling the truth. I couldnt imagine the pain she must be going through.
Yes that is true but we'll never know because we don't know if either of them are telling the truth
@kpopis100 no one ever reveals the full truth about themselves if we're going to be COMPLETELY HONEST about this! Ha ha ha! BUT! Her lies are so OBVIOUS if you've followed this as closely as i have. she has contradicted herself so many times now I'm all like *eye roll*. At least he's smart enough to keep his mouth shut and only say what can be verified by legal means through his attorney. Also, I have followed his career and interviews and candid quotes and spontaneous activities. There is just no way he's capable of the atrocities she is claiming. He has a very kind personality and a very innocent and loving heart. It's just not possible. Her only evidence is text messages... no medical certifications, no professional witnesses (her witness is her sister and some unknown actress who supposedly watched him beat her for 30 minutes and did nothing to stop him? no police were called? no one called out to neighbors for help? He is so much bigger and stronger than she is judging by her bony arms and legs revealed in her photos of the supposed bruises that were magically gone a week later in photos at Jeju Island with him. If he beat her for 30 minutes she would have multiple broken bones and be in the ER. No ER reports on that date. She went to a clinic two weeks later. The latest revelation by his attorney is that she attacked him and broke in to his apartment. photos of him a few weeks later show bruises on his and an fresh scars from finger nail scratches on his arm shoulder and neck.) SO I'm sorry. I believe him more. His story has never changed. He maintained they had one fight where he struggled with and pushed her. Now we know why. SHE BROKE INTO HIS APARTMENT AND ATTACKED HIM! WHY? Because he had another woman there AFTER he had told her he wanted to separate from her. Hmmmm.
@AngelJoong86. I couldn't agree with you more. her story has so many holes in it. and she is working the media like a pro. she really makes me sick! but her attorney must be pretty good BC she just keeps getting the sympathy vote from ppl.