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Does waking up with beautiful hair sound too-good-to-be true? Here are some handy hair hacks you can save for "I'm running a little bit late to school" mornings. So, let's step away from the beanies and baseball caps and welcome gorgeous bedhead.

Choose Your Texture

Style #1: tousled hair

To get this look: Towel dry/air dry or gently blow dry freshly washed hair until 80% dry. Apply curling creme throughout hair from roots to ends. Twist random sections (3-5 sections depending on thickness) into twisted buns on top of head. Secure with bobby pins or scrunchies. Go to bed, and let it down in the morning. And viola! Meet your gorgeous bun bombs aka tousled hair.

Style #2: soft waves

Picture credit: Hey Wanderer
To get this look: Wait for hair to be 80% dry or mist hair with water spray. Then section your hair into 2-3 sections (depending on hair thickness). French braid each section and secure it with a soft hair elastic. Go to bed and let it down in the morning. Tada! Say hello to your soft beach waves.
Tip: You can even add extra curls with your curling wand.