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I'm stuck at the airport for 9 more hours til my next flight to LA for KCON! Talk to me! Tell me your favorite things about Kpop! ^^
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@RochelleDiamond it should be fun. but its the first year for NY and the line up is still good I think.
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@katiems yea it's pretty good but LA makes me fangirl a lot more lol. I hope you enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures and videos
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@RochelleDiamond I will thank you! I'll try to share any good pics I take on here!
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OMG you're so lucky.. but waiting for a flight is probably the most boring thing ever 鈼懰嶁棎 but does anyone know if Jackson from Got7 is still going? because I know he was filming for the Law of Jungle...
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@yessiex3 I read that he will not be at KCON which I was kinda sad about.
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